Rickety Stitch By Ben Costa and James Parks

Rickety Stitch By Ben Costa and James Parks

Rickety Stitch is what you get when you distill the wit and humor from a season of Adventure Time and pour that in a blender, that, and a heaping scoop of LOTR-rivaling worldbuilding. Blend on high. Serve in a chilled glass. Enjoy!

This book follows the misadventures of Rickety Stitch, a loveable rapscallion who happens to be a skeleton with amnesia, as he and his friend “Goo” [a literal lump of gelatinous goo] seek the lost land of Epoli. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but in the BEST possible way.

It’s got more heart than most novels I’ve read this year, AND the characters each have a voice that you can hear distinctly while you read it. Ben Costa is hitting on every single possible cylinder in this one.

It’s good.

Rating: Pg-12-and-up: some alluded to profanity, peril, and deaths, but all soundly in the realm of tasteful.

The awesome: the humor. If I got a dollar every time I interrupted my wife while she was reading with a burst of laughter, I wouldn’t need to go to work this week. Seriously, if you need an evening of chuckles in the form of razor-sharp wit, this is the book for you.

Quote: Wolinski: “In fact, our Board of Trustess has surmised that had you not even worked here, this dungeon would have increased productivity by 86%.”

Rickety Stitch: “Well, that seems gratuitous.”

Favorite Character: Rickety Stitch

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