Robot Dreams by Sara Varon

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon

Sara Varon’s Robot Dreams is a heartbreakingly touching tale about a dog and his robot. I’m sitting here, sipping a remarkably wet cappuccino, while trying to process out the rainy-day-feeling the book left in my soul.

Was the book impactful? You better believe it.

The plot: A dog, out of loneliness or boredom goes to the robot store and purchases an adorable round-headed companion. He assembles it, and… poof! insta-friend. Adventures ensue.

First of all, this is a graphic novel sans words. Seriously, the mote of dialogue is astounding. I think the robot thinks, “Ow” once, but that’s it. Great verbal diatribes and syllabic symphonies won’t be found on these pages, BUT, and I say that as loudly as I can, the absence of words enriches the story.

The lack of words is the medium of the story, and its so effective that three days after putting the little book down, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Read it. Love it. Dream of robots and puppies.

Rating: G. No violence, peril, suggestive anything, and, no words. Little ones (who can’t yet read) can enjoy this and pretend they’re “reading” a lengthy novel.

Awesomeness: Bittersweet is as difficult to write as a satisfactory ending, but Sara manages to nail it.

Quote: “Ow.”

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