Rust by Royden Lepp

Rust by Royden Lepp

Royden Lepp’s Rust is a four-volume tale that is a wonderfully melancholy mixture of steampunk, post WWI Europe, a genuinely touching/believable love story, and a coming of age tale, and a main character dealing with the loss of his father. Did I miss anything? Oh, yeah, it also manages to masterfully retell the struggles of Frankenstein’s monster.

Rust is like a cannon’s fuse: it smolders, deliberate in its glow, and firm in its intent. Every detail in the four volume story is an important addition to the breath that finally causes the fuse to burst into blazing life before it races down the vent and ignites the powder.

Don’t blink, you don’t want to miss the BOOM!

Rating: PG-12 (not quite PG-13) but there is some peril and some war scenes. No sex. No language.

Awesomeness: THE ACTION. You can feel the motion leaping off the panels. You can hear the wind whipping through the main character’s hair. The action… Royden excels at drawing it.

Quote: “Dear Dad, when is it time? When is it time to call it quits? Failure seems like such a slow process.”

Favorite Character: Oz (give it a minute, you might like him too).

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