Of Mice and Men is John Steinbeck’s story about a pair of down-and-out men reaching for their own version of heaven: a place of their own. You know the story.

Wait, you don’t?

Well then, here are three reasons why you absolutely should read it:

  1. It’s short. Seriously, it’ll take you a few hours to get through the whole thing… and then a few additional hours to mop the tears from your cheeks.
  2. It’s wonderfully contained (it’s a play written as a book).
  3. The climax builds like a sky of dark clouds until finally the action comes like a flash of lightning.
  4. The characters will stay with you LONG after you close the book.
  5. Lenny and the rabbits.

Fine, that was more than three reasons. I’m stopping now.

6. The last chapter is crushingly beautiful and I wish that someday I can write something as marvelous.

I’m stopping, now, I promise.

Rating: PG-13 Language.

Awesomeness: The characters. They have life that the pages and helpless to contain.

Quote: “I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog.”

Favorite character: George.

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