The Three Thieves

The Three Thieves

Scott Chantler’s Three Thieves [saga] is a tale about a young girl’s quest to find her brother, but, that’s like saying the ocean has a bit of bio-diversity. He skillfully manages to pack more twists than a Shamalan movie and more heart than Pixar film in his seven books.

Chantler’s magic is bound to his world building and his 3D characters all of which have clear motives for making the choices that they do. He’s also a MASTER character-weaver. If they take up space on a panel, if he bothered to draw and color them, they’re important!

The characters are lovable, the world is rich and full of it’s own traditions, foods, drinks and phrases. Enjoy the ride: I did.

Rating: PG No gore, no sex, no language.

Awesomeness: The characters change as the story progresses. Scott is not afraid to hurt his characters (broken appendages abound in this action-packed tale).

Quote: “I’ll say this for you, Dessa, you’re more determined than a weasel in a sack.”

Favorite character: Captain Drake.

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